New England Marketing Research has done it again.  Rated one of the World’s Best Facility.With  22 consecutive years of achieving a top rating by the Impulse Survey, NEMR stays committed to giving the highest quality for it’s Clients.

Impulse Research Corporation of Los Angeles California, rates focus group facilities, based on a survey of over 5,000 moderators and researchers worldwide. The results of the survey are published annually in Impulse Survey. Impulse Survey pr ovides user ratings of the quality of over 950 facilities in the US, Canada, Latin America, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Marketing Research Association

New England Marketing Research is a proud member of the Marketing Research Association (MRA) MRA promotes excellence in the opinion and marketing research industry by providing members with a variety of opportunities for advancing and expanding their marketing research and related business skills. To protect the marketing research environment, we will act as an advocate with appropriate government entities, other associations, and the public.

Since 1954, we have grown to encompass companies and professionals in all segments of marketing and opinion research, including data collectors, full service research companies, users of research and those who provide related services.

MRA is a key source for assistance and training information. It is where researchers learn of new opportunities, markets and potential obstacles to future success. The Association is also an important forum where marketing researchers discuss common problems, share ideas, and combine their collective efforts to build industry information and reduce major problems and threats.

Marketing Research Association
New England Marketing Research is a proud member of the Marketing Research Association (MRA)

Respondent’s Bill of Rights

 By submitting my Profile, I agree that the information provided by me to New England Marketing Research may be used for research purposes by New England Marketing Research. I represent that the information contained in this Profile is true and accurate, and that any misrepresentation may result in permanent exclusion from any and all current and future studies conducted by New England Marketing Research.

New England Marketing Research honors the following Respondent Bill of Rights from The Council for Marketing and Opinion Research in all types of research we conduct.