Focus Group Streaming

By using Live Video Streaming it allows the client the ability to view the focus group in real time, without leaving town. You can enjoy the same advantages you would have if you were viewing the session at the facility, without the expense and time of traveling. NEMR has teamed up with ViewPoint Streaming to offer you this state-of-the-art technology.

: Allows the whole team to view and communicate together via the chat feature. Immediately receive a recorded copy of the group, downloadable to your laptop.

HD Live Video Streaming

NEMR has teamed up with ViewPoint Streaming to take care of all it’s Streaming needs.

ViewPoint Streaming Offers:

  • The ability to View Your Focus Groups remotely from any web Devise
  • Full Motion Hi Definition Video
  • Each Project Streamed is Password and SSL Protected
  • Compelling Pricing, Multi Camera Angles Available

High Speed Internet

NEMR now has T1 high speed internet access along with wireless access points in all of our suites. Weather you need to stay in touch via email or are conducting usability studies, you will always have fast, high quality data transmission.

Wireless Connections

A wireless access point (WAP) is a device that “connects” wireless communication devices together to create a wireless network.  Here at NEMR we connect the WAP to our wired network so our client has the ability to use a local printer while having the comfort of roaming from the client room to the lounge.